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Drive further development and growth when it comes to your team’s knowledge and experience in omnichannel communication management.

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Empower Your Team to Build Effective Communication Plans

Now, train your team on building omnichannel communication plans set to target specific segments in multiple business situations

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Exposure to Multiple Customer Profiles & Business Situations


Boost your teams’ analytical thinking skills during their daily work by allowing them to set communication plans to target multiple customer profiles in multiple business situations

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Benchmark Trainees’ Results & Efforts Objectively


Orchestrator integrates objective benchmarking tools that showcase the results of each competition and training module, detailing the progress of each employee during each training module

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Train Your Team on Setting SMART Objective for Each Communication Plan

To develop a systematic, objective-driven mindset for your team to integrate in their day-to-day practices and touchpoints

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Empower Your Team on Effective Resource Allocation


Allowing trainees to effectively allocate their resources to reach the objective behind each module based on the business situation to boost productivity

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Empowered by Full Management of All Trainings’ Content

Our Caduceus Lane content management team will manage for you the creation of each training module’s content

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Scalable Number of Trainees

Increase training productivity and achieve cost- and time-efficiency through including any number of trainees in each training module across different regions

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Embrace Decision-Making-Based Competition in Each Training

Increase training effectiveness through Orchestrator’s competition-based learning module, maximize the competitive spirit, and engage your team with the training material

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Supported by Full Technical Support of Caduceus Lane’s Team


Our Caduceus Lane technical team are always ready  to support you with any technical queries to ensure maximum trainings’ efficiency and productivity

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