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Rest assured that we will answer any questions you might have in mind regarding Orchestrator. Let us start with some of the most frequently asked questions below. You might find the answers you need there!

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  • 1- How do the roles and permissions work in Orchestrator?
    Orchestrator have three main roles: 1- Super Admin: A role owned by our technical team. 2- Admin: Has the authority to build training templates, add users, add brands, and assign brands and different templates to users. 3- Users: Used by employees to undergo Orchestrator’s assessments and trainings.
  • 2- How can users login to the website application?
    The company employees will be provided with the platform’s URL via email from Caduceus Lane. Using such link, users can login to the system through their provided emails and passwords, and they can change their passwords upon logging on.
  • 3- How usually scores can be collected?
    Upon submitting the answers by users, the answers will immediately reach the Admin’s interface. The plan score will be automatically updated, and the SMART goals they provided will be reviewed by the training Admin to submit their scores and publish them for the employees to check them thoroughly.
  • 4- What is the workflow that should be followed to perform a training on Orchestrator?
    •The Super-Admin (Caduceus Lane) creates a subdomain for the company to access Orchestrator. •The Admin (optional whether to be owned by the company or by Caduceus Lane) adds users and builds the required templates to be assigned to the selected users, creating the training’s duration, date, and time, allowing users to start the training. •Users will be allowed to check the training’s details, including case descriptions to interpret them and set SMART objectives for their communication plans and select their interactions as per their plan through a drag-and-drop feature that allows them to select options from the provided drop lists.
  • 5- How to use and manage the users’ accounts?
    Orchestrator provides the users with their usernames and passwords to navigate through their interfaces, where they can find their assigned trainings with their dates and duration of competition.
  • 6- How to export the scores data with or without advanced analytics?
    Upon finishing the training with Orchestrator, scores of each individual or team will be documented to the company within 5 working days, with/without the performed advanced analytics as per the agreement with the company whether they subscribed for a workshop or annual plan with Orchestrator.
  • 7- What is the maximum capacity of Orchestrator?
    Orchestrator offers unlimited number of users or templates, and such capacities can be customized according to the purchased packages.
  • 8- How long it takes to set up Orchestrator to be used for one workshop or annual plan?
    If there is no major modifications required by the client to the core of the web application. It takes 5-7 working days after receiving the specifications form from the client to provide them with the subdomain, admin account, users accounts, and templates required to be built by Caduceus Lane. If there are modifications agreed to be added on the platform, it would take up to 3-4 weeks after receiving the requirements from the client to apply such modifications.
  • 9- Is Orchestrator secure and safe to be used?
    Yes, there is no doubt that Caduceus Lane cannot compromise on your data security, to know more check our privacy policy and terms & conditions.


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